About Us

At Implemented Portfolios our passion is to help independent minded Advisers to make a difference in the lives of their clients and to build and run great businesses. Providing a professional investment service demands an extensive commitment, so we see two choices for advice businesses:

  • Define your investment philosophy, put together a team of investment professionals and build thorough processes to deliver consistent portfolio outcomes – that is, become a legitimate investment management business, or 
  • Collaborate with an outsourced investment management service, allowing you to deepen your client relationships and grow your business, while you retain control to tailor portfolios to your clients’ individual requirements.

Our central beliefs are that: 

  • An Adviser’s true value is to develop exceptional relationships and to build trust with their clients by strategically guiding them to achieve their lifestyle objectives.
  • Asset Allocation is the most important aspect of portfolio management and managing this dynamically will protect clients’ wealth over the long term. 
  • Success in investment management must be measured in terms of meeting client objectives and not industry benchmarks.
  • Investors deserve to be treated individually and to understand what they own in their portfolio and why they own it. 
  • Portfolios should be liquid, transparent and cost-effective.
  • Timely and relevant communication leads to informed investors, and informed investors are far more likely to stay the course. 

We help Advisers solve key challenges in their business, including:

  • Overcoming time, growth and capacity constraints,
  • Ensuring clients get an exceptional and consistent investment experience, and 
  • Broadening the client relationship to other team members in your business.

The team at Implemented Portfolios is passionate about delivering an investment management solution that enables Advisers to spend more time working with their clients to achieve lifestyle objectives. Our business was founded by Advisers that have lived this story and can point to tangible benefits that flow to all parties. We will share with you a roadmap to success, including access to practice management expertise, transition management and a dedicated service team to support you at every stage.

Our Team

Board Members

John Platt


Greg Kirk


Adam Seccombe

Investment Committee

Tim Farrelly


Jonathan Pain


Paul Dortkamp

Key Staff

Santi Burridge


Jon Reilly


Justin Bock


Simon Strode


Katie Gill


Dean Roberts


Rio Afero


Kate Wells


Tracey Hayes


Will Chomley